Helping College Athletes Monetize Their Name, Image, Likeness

Helping College Athletes Monetize Their Name, Image, Likeness


We help navigate you through the whole NIL process.


In July, 2021, the entire landscape changed for college athletes across the country. No longer restricted from making a profit off their name, image or likeness (NIL), the opportunities erupted like a geyser, for both the athletes and the companies/individuals who want to support them.


SSM has been at the forefront of the NIL movement and is actively involved in helping young athletes establish a brand that is uniquely theirs. Each marketing plan is developed specifically for the individual with long-term growth in mind. Meanwhile, our corporate partners benefit from the opportunity to invest in these athletes as their star is still rising.

SSM Philosophy

We at SSM believe that the athlete’s attention should be focused on performance and maximizing potential within their sport. After all, it’s success that drives marketability. Meanwhile, SSM will leverage decades of experience along with a deep network of resources, to create relationships that will benefit everyone. It’s what we do best. 



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“Working with strategic sports really helped our son advance throughout the selection process and have greater opportunities that we could have only dreamed of.”

The Strategic Sports team went above and beyond in working with us to provide development opportunities for our athletes.

“It’s been so great working with Pat and Leslie with the Strategic Sports organizationon. Their expertise and knowledge about sports marketing, not for profits and community has been refreshing and our members and associations have certainly benefited from them. ”

We are very grateful to SSM for their help in our Strategic Planning Process. They were able to assist us from the beginning and made sure all of the important groups were represented.